The NEW YORK CITY BREAKERS was put together.
By Phase 2 an Michael Holman but Phase 2 was the real
person that convinced Michael Holman to make a Crew
Or a group the group consist of the best Breakers from
the all borough's and Phase 2 was the delegate and
brains behind the lines really was.
Seven Deadly Sins,  Floor Master, Rock Steady,
and Dynamic Rockers.
Certain Breakers was in more than one Crew but the key
Focus that Phase 2 and Micheal Holman had is to create.
A group to represent NEW YORK CITY'S best Breakers
Which was very successful and made a major impact.
On the new craze of Breaking all across the world with
prestigious shows.

That gained attention from movie producers and the
media we were under alot of exposure with the dance
being critiqued and praised for the first  few years and
the crowd and public was amazed at the dance seen for
the first time we have appeared in the Merv Griffin Show.
Were every entertainer got there spot light and set
There destiny for more to come we have came out in.
The MTV did Gladys nights and the Pips
Got the first award MTV in 1983 for our performance in the
music video.
In 1983 NYC Breakers did a cameo for the movie.
Sixteen Candles but was cut out due to the mainstream.
Not really accepting it and directors and producers.
Personal views on how the look will be for that movie.
Was still not accepted in the suburbs middle class but
We kept on pushing to get our exposure.

And being accepted mainstream by doing more projects.
1/2 Hour Comedy Hour with Dick Clark productions.
Was a good exposure Powerful Pexster did  the show
Ran the summer of 1983 all summer long and they looked
at the breaking in a other form with out the negative  
street culture but through the eyes of talent.
Ripley's Believe it or Not  and countless other TV shows.
And live show appearances were ever we were needed.
So many Rappers wanted us to perform with them
Tour with Madonna in Paris 1983 when she first started.
With her hit Borderline and was a big fan of ours.
And performed for the Kennedy Center Honors.

In front of the president Ronald Reagan and he loved.
Us so much we was invited again to his 2nd and 50th
Inaugural Gala in 1985
But the movie that really shook up the world was.
Beat Street were we played the leading Breaking Crew.
The winners of the Beat Street first ever biggest event.
Contest the winners was going to be promised to be the
crew to battle the NYC Breakers
Until last minute they changed groups and Rock steady
got the part I believe they were no challenge to us.
The uncut version will really tell you why but the editors
made it look different that  battle scene  was legendary.
And Rock steady fit the role better .....
And set the foundation for battles today and what it.
Portrayed as competitive Sport/Breaking
Our goal was to make Breaking  a Sport in the Olympics  
we even challenged the winners of the Olympics in 1984.
In a floor exercise and they took notice to the dance.
And invited us to perform for a show.
Salute to the Olympics with Ben Verene in Carnage Hall.
Were we met people on a scale that was respectable.
Ben Vereen Powerful Pexster did.
A routine with him and countless celebrities.
From a class that was very sophisticated and talented.
Then it never happened the Olympics did not want really.
To accept us at the time for breaking to become a sport.
But never happen so Michael Holman did a pilot Show
Graffiti Rock it was the great idea.
Were Run DMC battled with Special K and Cool mo D.
First and last MC Battle and the NYC Breakers.
With the 4 elements of Hip Hop and again they did not
understand the shows concept  

K TEL  NYC Breakers View master  on how to Break
We did our final show with our manger Michael Holman.
It's was the
50th Inaugural Gala for Ronald Reagan.
It's was historical that we had Lil Alex newest member
with his UFO move and a show like that was a experience
that was legendary.

So we kept on with out Michael Holman.
Mr wave took control of the crew and got shows with the
Fresh Fest tour  MR Magic in 1985 with up coming new
generation rappers LL Cool J MC Shane,Salt and
Pepper,Biz Mark and more we did East Coast tour on Bus.
First time ever we did this type of show Mr wave was.

Getting us show with T La Rock his Breakers and boys of
the Treacherous Three was our main MC Crew.
Then Flip Ric got a Show In Sicily Big Apple Tour were we
met the real deal godfathers of the thing and performed
for them and got the respect we deserved.
Then Mr Wave
Went to Chicago and never came back but who will know
NYC Breakers will still be breaking every chance They
got NYC Breakers always was doing some practicing still
getting shows But.
So in 1994 with Powerful Pexster Kid Freeze brought.
Back the NYC Breakers  Kid Freeze said was a great idea
cause NYC Breakers represents all the crews in

Michael Holman wrote a book NYC Breakers and Hip Hop
culture in 1984 copyrights.

We the NYC Breakers were the ones that brought it out.
To the world on a large scale and still is considered.
The best first professional group/Crew that showed the
In it true art form the way it should done.
sports/dance that deserves.
To be recognized a sports category or in the

In 1984 the NYC Breakers was ask to write and sign a
proclamation  stating that we the NYC breakers.
See break dancing as a Olympic sport in the future.
And was stored in the archives in Washington DC.
In 1984

NYC Breakers goal is to create a sports category for
breaking a Dance sports.
But always will have the Hip Hop Elements.
That will keep the culture alive with these denominations.
They have created from  the dance will always respect
it's true essence.

But the minute you battle it's competition and that is
a sport

Always as set a good example of what.
A real Professional Breaker should be.

And really see the future for what it is.
Of this dance becoming a Dance Sport.
In the Olympics..........and farther.

Dance Sports Federation
Flip Roc was recruited the same years a former member
Of RSC he was perfect with his flips and original skills
and made a package that was really.
Great to see dance and catapulted us into another level.
Of The Break
MR.wave was recruited after .
Kennedy Center Honors he was unique in
his style of just waving in a crazy motion.
Was a good gimmick for the crew there's.
Hasn't been a style like that since the .
Wave was strictly NYC style
Icy Ice was recruited to be the newest .
Member in the NYC breakers due to the.
Fact that we grew up with him he was a must
Now we the untouchables
After the passing away of Glide Master.
We recruited the next Generation to.
Start to carry the torch to the next level.
And LiL Alex was a asset to the crew
performed for the president of the USA.
At the age of 14 years old
First five in the group was a process of elimination
Micheal Holman took the best.
And started the first NYC breakers.
Members was Lil Lep,Action
Glide Masters,Powerful Pexster Kid Nice
Lil Alex Roman
Is one of the youngest gifted .
Dances I've ever saw and set.
The group on a level
unreachable on today scale.
And his moves are still done to
this day nothing really changed
that much since he.
Created UFO and style just the
faces have change he is.
And alway will be the greatest.
Second Generation .
NYC Breakers of all times.
Written by: Tony Lopez
But there was other members
that we don't mention that
Was apart in the beginning
Snap Floor Master.
Kid Romic Floor Master.
They were the ones that
Really told me about the
NYC Breakers and was in the
group before just to recruit
me to throw them out.
Micheal Holman divided .
And broke us up and picked
the best.
When Flip Roc was inducted
into the group he was accepted
by me no doubt but. Others
members would mock. Him for
his color and joke but.
I never did cause they would
mock me for being to white.
He would take it like a grain of
And was the best addition to
the group the almighty Master
of flips to this day they still
do his signature flip in Rockin
We he was 11 years old the
youngest dancer I grew with
him at knew his cousin and he
Being managed by Julie our.
Former manger of the
Floor Masters after we left Julie.
He stood with her and Fast
Break. To and when his contract
was over he join us so we could
be together like the old days.
But came in the group at the end
of the run 1 year only.
But did alot for us cool little kid.
Mr .Wave when he first was in
the group he was kid of what I .
Say what I wasn't looking for in .
A popper or electric boogie but.
He was a waver not the others .
Totally different and In .
Time he would show his.
Stage presence and professional.
Techniques and skills the only.
One and only to this day.
Mr Wave
Lil lep Flip Roc and Kid Romance
2010 the originals NYC Breakers
St James Park 2010